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DIY Kit Instructions & FAQ

So you got (or want to get) one of our DIY Infusion kits! Awesome! Let’s get you up to date on everything you will need to know about your new toy!

What are these DIY Simple Syrup and Liqueur Kits?

These kits are the easiest way for you to make delicious simple syrups and liqueurs right in your own home. To make a simple syrup, just add water! To make a Liqueur, just add your favorite spirit!

How do I use my DIY kit?

Step 1: unscrew the lid and remove the spice pack.

Step 2: Fill the jar about halfway full with liquid. It doesn’t really matter how much at this point, just that you have room for shaking.

Step 3: Replace the lid, seal tightly and Shake intensely for 30 seconds, let stand 30 seconds. Repeat for 2 minutes.

Step 4: remove lid and replace spice packet. Close lid tightly and gently shake for 30 seconds.

Step 5: let stand approximately 6 hours, shaking gently on occasion. Taste every 2 hours and remove packet when desired flavor is achieved.

How much liquor do I use?

For our 32 oz jars you can use a full standard 750 mL bottle of liquor. For the simple syrups you add as much as the jar can hold!

What is the Shelf Life of one of these things?

Because I use Dehydrated herbs, fruits, and spices, all rated for over a year (or more), these should last (Without adding liquid) for over a year. For safety sake, I recommend using them within 6 months however.

What is the Shelf Life with liquid then?

For simple syrups, several factors can extend your shelf life, such as boiling your water first and adding a small amount of alcohol. You can expect anywhere from 1 week to 4 weeks if kept properly.

For Liqueurs, as long as they are stored out of direct sunlight and sealed properly, there is no shelf life. They will be safe to drink indefinitely. Good luck making them last that long though! They’re too tasty for that.

What makes it a “Liqueur”?

Liquor is synonymous with Spirits or Alcohol, it’s just a general name for an unsweetened alcoholic product. When you take one of these unsweetened alcoholic products (like gin, rum, vodka, whiskey, etc) and add sweetener and flavoring, it becomes a liqueur.

Why can’t I just make my own? Why do I need your stupid jars?

You can totally make your own simple syrups and liqueurs at home! I’ve got instructions right here! For easy ones like Lemon or Cucumber where you only want one ingredient, I totally recommend you make them yourself. What these jars offer are more complex flavors with more depth and character. They have many different spices and are balanced just right to give you a great flavor every time with no experimentation. They are also easier and cleaner than doing it yourself.

Can I use other liquids instead of water to make the simple syrup?

It’s your jar, you can do whatever you want! …but I would recommend trying it with water the first time at least. That way you know what the regular flavor is like and whether or not another liquid would accent your simple syrup. If you do want to try other liquids, I recommend trying juices like apple, pear, and orange, depending on which jar you purchased.

Which alcohol should I use in my DIY Liqueur Kit?

That depends on the jar you’ve used! All our jars come with suggested spirits to pair them with (vodka, rum, gin, whiskey, tequila, etc), but it’s 100% up to you what you want to add! As for quality, We recommend using a middle-of-the-shelf or slightly higher quality spirit. If you use the cheapest thing you can find, it will taste like it. We would not recommend using your highest quality spirits, as the sugars and spices will overwhelm the nuances that make those spirits so great (and expensive). Anything from Costco brand liquors is a great bang-for-your-buck.

How much sugar is in each of these? Can I use less?

For the Simple Syrups, a one ounce serving will have approximately 50 calories. For the Liqueurs, a 2 ounce serving will have approximately 200 calories. We use the smallest amount of recommended sugar in our Liqueurs since we really like the taste of alcohol. If you want even less, feel free to take some out of the jar before adding alcohol. You can always add it back in if you find you want more!

If you don’t want any sugar at all, Feel free to dump it out and use it in something else (lemonade, maybe?) or check out our Store page for the spice mix refills!

Are the spice mixes reusable?

Sort of? You can use the spice mix a second time, but just like a tea bag, you won’t get exactly the same results. Leave the bag in for longer and taste frequently to make sure you are getting the flavor you want. This works better for the all herbal and spice infusions. The fruit infusions are really only good the first time.

What if you don’t have the flavor I want?

We are more than happy to take requests for custom orders! Send an email to and we will get back to you as soon as possible! Not everything will be possible but we can try.

What if I want the Simple syrup spice mix as a Liqueur instead (or vice versa)?

Some of these are recommended more as simple syrups and some as liqueurs. When checking out, select whichever one you are looking for. The simple syrups come in 16 oz jars, and the Liqueurs come in 32 oz jars. If you want a large jar for the simple syrup, that is also an option, though it is only recommended if you use the syrup daily or have a large party where you expect to use all of the jar. Otherwise, it is likely to go bad before you use it all.

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