About Megan Campbell

What is there to know about Megan Campbell? I’m fiercely passionate about liquor.  I love the flavors, I love the people, I love the history.  On Spirit Sirens I’m going to be talking about all the aspects of alcohol that I can think of: The History, the culture, the problems, the successes, the brands, the flavors.  The culture that surrounds alcohol fascinates and captivates me and I hope to help others see this incredible craft the way I do.

I currently work at Lucidi Distilling co. located in the Historic Fire Station No.1 in Old Town Peoria.  This will probably come up frequently, since I love my job and I talk about it a lot.  The things that I write here and the opinions I express are completely my own thoughts and in no way should reflect the company or its owner.

I presently also work for a small local liquor distributor and my opinions are not a reflection of them either.

Want to know more about Megan Campbell in general?

  • I am woefully behind on “must see movies”.  I’m trying really hard to fix that.
  • My dog is the best ever.  Forever.  No dog is better than her.
  • I’m just now learning how to cook! Not using instructions on a box, too!
  • I play Dungeons and Dragons as well as other fun, craft board games.  They are a great way to spend time with the people you care about without having to make idle conversation.
  • I spend way too much time at the bowling alley.  I’m not very good, but I’m getting better! I recently upped my goals to a 140 average since I can usually hit 120 now.  I know, I said I’m not good at it.

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