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Spirit Sirens Showcase #3 – Alexis Rayson

  This is our third Spirit Sirens Showcase and our first in interview format! Today I’m interviewing Alexis Rayson, a salesperson from Four Peaks Brewery here in Arizona.  We talk about beer, the industry, her experiences, and where everything might go from here! Enjoy! Advertisements

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Mariah Maynard – Showcase #2

Our second Spirit Sirens Showcase, where we celebrate women in the food and beverage industry! Look for more Here!   Where did you start your experience in the bar industry? Well, I was inducted into the bar industry a few years prior than legally allowed. By the time I was 15 I was over 6-feet-tall,… Continue reading Mariah Maynard – Showcase #2

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The Champagne Cocktail

I would describe the champagne cocktail as everything that I’ve been searching for in hard cider and haven’t been able to find.  It is slightly sweet, the bitters give it depth and character, it’s refreshing but not fruit-punch refreshing and the carbonation is just right.  It’s what hard ciders want to be (and hopefully with the rise in craft ciders, will be soon).

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Getting in the Christmas Spirit

I have a confession to make… I’ve never had EggNog.  I know! I’m sure you gasped audibly.  For whatever reason, we just never had it growing up, probably because my parents didn’t really drink and if you aren’t buying it to put alcohol in it, then you probably aren’t getting it at all.  By the… Continue reading Getting in the Christmas Spirit