I’m fiercely passionate about liquor.  I love the flavors, I love the people, I love the history.  In this blog I’m going to be talking about the places I eat and drink in Phoenix, AZ and the people that make it possible.  The culture that surrounds alcohol fascinates and captivates me and I hope to help others see this beautiful city the way I do, through food and drink.

I currently work at Lucidi Distilling co. located in the Historic Fire Station No.1 in Old Town Peoria.  This will probably come up frequently, since I love my job and I talk about it a lot.  The things that I write here and the opinions I express are completely my own thoughts and in no way should reflect the company or its owner.

On the off chance that you feel compelled to help me in my endeavors to make new content and learn everything I can, feel free to get me new books and equipment from my amazon wish list!