A Comprehensive Guide to Martinis

When I sip on Sweet Vermouth I suddenly find myself transported to the Italian countryside on a warm spring day, sitting next to the vines, listening to the bees buzz and watching my boyfriend labor in the fresh sun (spoiler alert: he’s shirtless). A small glass of Dry Vermouth finds me in a quaint Parisian café, next to a bustling street as the waiter describes our lunch in words I can’t understand but find tantalizing nonetheless.

Lux: Like Gangsta’s Paradise… but with Hipsters

For those that are unaware, there are three distinct ‘foodie’ personalities in the greater Phoenix area: West side, Scottsdale, and downtown.  Scottsdale has the best party bars, the best upscale clubs, great food at a price that makes you say it’s better if only just to justify it.  The west side is a different animal.Continue reading “Lux: Like Gangsta’s Paradise… but with Hipsters”

Revolu: Thank goodness for strangers…

On the recommendation of a couple of complete strangers who meandered into the bar this past week, yesterday I decided to drag Floyd on over to this new restaurant in Peoria (such a good sport, suffering through all these delicious meals with me).  Now obviously I was excited to try somewhere new, but more so IContinue reading “Revolu: Thank goodness for strangers…”

Postino: On Mondays we wear business casual…

So in light of poor and/or uncertain decisions made on a certain Sunday night, Tyler and I ventured forth into the bold Monday sun in order to drown our sorrows in the traditional post-weekend brunch.  Since I didn’t want a home style breakfast (of which there are many choices), I proposed we go to WindsorContinue reading “Postino: On Mondays we wear business casual…”