What to Order at Different Bars

Not all bars are built the same, and what you should order at each is not the same either. A short guide to when and what to drink depending on where you are.

Ordering Drinks at a Bar 101

Ordering Drinks doesn’t have to be a ‘learn as you go’ process. Finally, everything you need to know about ordering at bars is right here.

Different Types of Long Island

If you haven’t done it yet, you should probably check out the first part to this article: The Long Island Iced Tea. It’s going to help you understand the basics of this drink before we start playing with different types of Long Island. What Can you Change to make a different type of Long Island?Continue reading “Different Types of Long Island”

The Long Island Iced Tea

The Long Island Iced Tea is a victim. A victim of it’s own fans… people who had no idea what to order at a bar so they got this and then they never ever changed their order again. Okay, it’s not quite so bad. It is a good drink, or rather, it can be aContinue reading “The Long Island Iced Tea”

10 Rules for Drinking in Vegas

Drinking in Las Vegas is considered a rite of passage for many, particularly if you are turning 21 or getting married or generally a party person. Remember though, this kind of drinking is a whole different ballgame and it comes with its own set of rules. 10. Be Safe Sure, girls know this well enoughContinue reading “10 Rules for Drinking in Vegas”

Cocktail Sour – The Building Block of Every Cocktail

If you’ve had any cocktails at all, it’s very likely that it’s base was a sour. It’s the simplest recipe in the world, it makes incredible drinks, and it’s easy to add a little *pizzazz* to create a really impressive (but easy) cocktail.