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Oh hell yeah, now we are getting to it… time to make something delicious! So at the end of the day, there is no bad way to use your new infusion, as long as you like it. That said, I’ve got some of my favorite ways to drink these, ranging from crazy easy to kind of complicated. Most of them aren’t too complicated because drinking shouldn’t be work, so don’t worry.

Simple Syrups


Did you know that the sodas you get at any store are just flavored sugar mixes and soda water? Did you know that what we just made was sugar mix? BAM! Homemade sodas! The easiest way is to mix 2-3 ounces (depending on your taste) with plain soda water out of a can or bottle.

If you want to make it more complicated (and just a little better), check out sodastream! They are super easy to use and will give you a more even carbonation.


Lemonade is a pretty simple recipe: Lemon, Sugar, and Water. Well would you look at that, we just combined sugar and water!
For one glass of lemonade, I would do:
3 oz Lemon Juice
2-3 oz of your Syrup
2 oz of water

Tea and Coffee

If you go to some fancy coffee place and get fancy, tasty coffees and teas, you have been the benefactor of simple syrups. A little bit of Blackberry Vanilla in your iced black tea is all you need to make it incredible. Lavender in Iced Coffee? YES PLEASE! Add 2-3 ounces to your iced or hot drink and enjoy!


So it turns out one of the secrets to making super moist, delicious cakes is to soak it in simple syrup before stacking and decorating. By using our flavored simple syrups you will add an extra dimension of flavor to your cake. Cant you just taste it now? A great Vanilla Cake soaked in Chamomile Lemon or Blackberry Vanilla or Lavender Dream??


Use your flavored syrup in place of ‘bar syrup’ or simple syrup in any cocktail recipe you have! My favorite is Lemon Drops, Mojitos, and Champagne Cocktails. The more simple the recipe, the easier and more clearly your simple syrup will shine. Whiskey Sours, Daiquiris, Gimlets, Margaritas, Gin Fizzes, and more are all great options to get started with!

Lemon Drop Cocktail
Champagne Cocktail
Gin Fizz
Whiskey Sour
French 75


Neat, On the Rocks, Frappe

All our Liqueurs are designed do be drank by themselves if you so desire. Many of them, Like the Cinnamon Bomb will be a hit with shots, but the others you might want some other options.

‘Neat’ is when you drink the Liqueur as is, without any ice or soda or anything. This will be the purest way to try your new liqueur. If you prefer this style or want to try it out, we recommend putting the infusion in the refrigerator for 1-2 hours before serving. You can keep the liqueur refrigerated permanently, but it is not required.

‘On the Rocks’ is when you add ice to your liqueur. This will tame the spirit some, as well as chill it, making it easier to drink for those that aren’t used to strong spirits. It’s also an excellent way to try our liqueurs when you were unable to chill it beforehand.

“Frappe” is a delightful way to have your liqueurs, especially in the summertime. To do this, you simply fill your glass with crushed ice, then pour the liqueur until your glass is appropriately full. This is especially great with the Tiramisu Liqueur.

With a Mixer

As a lazy person, my favorite way to drink any spirit (other than neat) is with a single mixer. You can make it how you want and know it will be delicious, fast, and easy every time. Each Liqueur will have it’s best matches but in general there are a few that are sure-fire.

Ginger Ale: Mix with Cinnamon Bomb, Jalapeno Citrus, and Pineapple Spice
Ginger Ale is a great mixer for anything involving Rum or Whiskey in general, but with these liqueurs its an extra great experience. Its perfect for taking the bite off your spirits while adding a little extra flavor.

Ginger Beer: Mix with Cinnamon Bomb, Jalapeno Citrus, and Pineapple Spice
A little more intense than Ginger ale, ginger beer is brewed with ginger and has way more punch. It’s the key ingredient in a Moscow Mule and similar drinks, and using a flavored liqueur will take it to the next level.

Sprite: Mix with Rooibos and Orange, Jalapeno Citrus, and Pineapple Spice
Super easy, super low key, Sprite (or something similar) is great for adding a little flavor and a little bubble to your liqueur while still letting you get the full flavor. It’s also conveniently at every party already, sooo….

Coffee and Hot Chocolate: Mix with Tiramisu, Cinnamon Bomb
People usually don’t think of these as mixers but once winter comes along (or you just feel like being cozy), these are THE BEST for adding a little something extra to! They are also great in cold coffee or chocolate milk!

Tea: Mix with Rooibos and Orange, Jalapeno Citrus, Cinnamon Bomb
Cold or Hot, tea is one of our favorite ways to relax and have a drink. Rooibos is already usually served as tea, so it’s a perfect match with the Rooibos, Orange and Cinnamon. Green tea with a Jalapeno kick will get you going no problem. Orange Spice tea with the Cinnamon Bomb liqueur will have you wondering how you made it this far without it.

In a Cocktail

While technically most of the ‘liqueur and mixers’ listed above will fall under the cocktail category, we personally believe that ‘cocktail’ starts at 3 or more ingredients…. not including ice. As with the Simple Syrups, the best places to start with your liqueurs are in the ‘basic’ cocktails and then build from there. Whiskey Sour, Lemon Drop, Gimlet, Martinis, Mojitos, Daiquiris, and so, so many more…

Lemon Drop Cocktail
The Italiano Bianco (with Tiramisu Liqueur)


Can you use Liqueurs in your cooking? HELL YEAH! Ever had rum cake? Try it with a Tiramisu infused Rum. Use the Jalapeno Citrus Liqueur to marinate chicken for you next taco night. The Cinnamon Bomb Liqueur is great in Chili or in sauces for sweet rolls. Use the pineapple spice in a homemade whipped cream for over desserts. The options are limitless.


It’s not quite so popular here in the United States right now, but liqueurs and ice cream are just made for each other. Usually I recommend any of our liqueurs over a good, high quality vanilla bean ice cream (bonus points for homemade) but if you find a combo that works for you, go for it! For some extra fun, make them into boozy milkshakes!

Anything Else?

Like I said before, any way you want to use your simple syrups and liqueurs is the right way to drink (or eat) it. If you have suggestions, totally leave them in the comments. If you tried a recipe and want to share it, I’d love to hear it!

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