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Liquor Review #2 – Lucidi Distilling

A little bit of background on the bottles and labels that we chose at Lucidi Distilling, the reasons behind it, and what I learned from the experience.  

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Mariah Maynard – Showcase #2

Our second Spirit Sirens Showcase, where we celebrate women in the food and beverage industry! Look for more Here!   Where did you start your experience in the bar industry? Well, I was inducted into the bar industry a few years prior than legally allowed. By the time I was 15 I was over 6-feet-tall,… Continue reading Mariah Maynard – Showcase #2

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Revolu: Thank goodness for strangers…

On the recommendation of a couple of complete strangers who meandered into the bar this past week, yesterday I decided to drag Floyd on over to this new restaurant in Peoria (such a good sport, suffering through all these delicious meals with me).  Now obviously I was excited to try somewhere new, but more so I… Continue reading Revolu: Thank goodness for strangers…