# 6a 1010 Premium Drinks Mojito

1010 Mojito BottleOh God I need a new camera so bad. I’m so sorry for the quality of this photo

Today I’m talking about a product that’s new to the West Coast but has been performing very well in it’s home country of Spain, as well as on the East Coast: 1010 Premium Drinks. These are a line of Ready-To-Drink cocktails in a bottle and I’ve started out our reviews with their Classic Mojito. Since I have 6 different spirits from the same brand, I’ve also broken up my commentary a little bit as well, resulting in a few shorter posts. In addition to trying the Mojito 1010, I’ve also talked about their bottle choices and what I like (and don’t like) about their labeling.

The 1010 Website!

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Published by Spirit Sirens

Head Mixologist and Class Coordinator at Lucidi Distilling Co. in Old Town Peoria, Arizona. In my free time I eat good foods, drink good drinks and make mead with my brother. Soon to be on YouTube with Lucidi Distilling Co. making drinks and talking history and under Spirit Sirens, where myself and my partner Mariah talk about women in the alcohol industry and our experiences!

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