#6c – 1010 Pina Colada, Whiskey Coconut Cream Liqueur, and 1010 advertising

Back again with 1010 Premium Spirits, this is 6c, the follow up to 6a: Mojito and bottle design and 6b: Red Daikiri and Social media.  In this podcast I’ve reviewed the 1010 Pina Colada flavor as well as their Whiskey Coconut Cream Liqueur, both of which were excellent, though I did not enjoy them as much as the previous flavors. I also took a look at their advertising choices which mostly devolved into a rant about needlessly gendering products that everyone can enjoy, though I reluctantly acknowledge that advertising effectively requires you to take into account the differences in the way men and women shop and make choices.

Published by Spirit Sirens

Head Mixologist and Class Coordinator at Lucidi Distilling Co. in Old Town Peoria, Arizona. In my free time I eat good foods, drink good drinks and make mead with my brother. Soon to be on YouTube with Lucidi Distilling Co. making drinks and talking history and under Spirit Sirens, where myself and my partner Mariah talk about women in the alcohol industry and our experiences!

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