Smuggler’s Cove – A Book Review

In in depth review of Martin and Rebecca Cate’s book Smugglers Cove. Based on years of experience they have assembled the definitive book on Tiki Culture.

Cuff: About damn time!

So several months ago, Tyler recommended this cool little place in Old Town Glendale that we absolutely had to go to because they had a good looking charcuterie board and as you may or may not know; I’m a total cheese whore.  Well, I promptly went there on a date with Floyd since it wasContinue reading “Cuff: About damn time!”

Revolu: Thank goodness for strangers…

On the recommendation of a couple of complete strangers who meandered into the bar this past week, yesterday I decided to drag Floyd on over to this new restaurant in Peoria (such a good sport, suffering through all these delicious meals with me).  Now obviously I was excited to try somewhere new, but more so IContinue reading “Revolu: Thank goodness for strangers…”

Postino: On Mondays we wear business casual…

So in light of poor and/or uncertain decisions made on a certain Sunday night, Tyler and I ventured forth into the bold Monday sun in order to drown our sorrows in the traditional post-weekend brunch.  Since I didn’t want a home style breakfast (of which there are many choices), I proposed we go to WindsorContinue reading “Postino: On Mondays we wear business casual…”