Smuggler’s Cove – Book Review

It occurred to me recently (today) as I was talking to one of my regulars about the merits of a book I had recently finished, that that is a spectacular idea for a blog post! Smugglers Cove: Exotic cocktails, Rum and the cult of Tiki by: Martin Cate (& Rebecca Cate) I purchased the hardcover becauseContinue reading “Smuggler’s Cove – Book Review”

Absinthe – a study in prohibition

  Absinthe is one of the items I hear people spout misconceptions about the most, and that’s saying a lot because working at a distillery you hear a lot of really off shit.  I know I say this a lot, but to really understand absinthe you have to look at it’s history and heritage.  Continue reading “Absinthe – a study in prohibition”

The Definitive Guide to Gin

I love gin.  It is my personal goal to bring gin to as many people as possible, and I strive to do so regularly.  That said, I can completely understand why people don’t like it or why they might be very hesitant to spend their precious bar budget on something so widely reviled.  Let’s getContinue reading “The Definitive Guide to Gin”

The Definitive Guide to Vodka, Part 1: History

Here in the United States, there is the general misconception that vodka is just a flavorless addition, good only for making something alcoholic that otherwise wouldn’t be. This does absolutely no justice to the history of vodka and to the myriad of subtle differences that defines the spirit.

A Comprehensive Guide to Martinis

When I sip on Sweet Vermouth I suddenly find myself transported to the Italian countryside on a warm spring day, sitting next to the vines, listening to the bees buzz and watching my boyfriend labor in the fresh sun (spoiler alert: he’s shirtless). A small glass of Dry Vermouth finds me in a quaint Parisian café, next to a bustling street as the waiter describes our lunch in words I can’t understand but find tantalizing nonetheless.