The Champagne Cocktail

I would describe the champagne cocktail as everything that I’ve been searching for in hard cider and haven’t been able to find.  It is slightly sweet, the bitters give it depth and character, it’s refreshing but not fruit-punch refreshing and the carbonation is just right.  It’s what hard ciders want to be (and hopefully with the rise in craft ciders, will be soon).

Getting in the Christmas Spirit

I have a confession to make… I’ve never had EggNog.  I know! I’m sure you gasped audibly.  For whatever reason, we just never had it growing up, probably because my parents didn’t really drink and if you aren’t buying it to put alcohol in it, then you probably aren’t getting it at all.  By theContinue reading “Getting in the Christmas Spirit”

The Definitive Guide to Scotch (For Beginners)

I recently had the pleasure of discovering that there are some changes coming in my life… specifically about 300 bottles worth of Whiskey related changes.  The distillery I work at is changing it’s licencing and we are to begin carrying the largest selection of whiskey in Arizona.  While I am so so excited about this, itContinue reading “The Definitive Guide to Scotch (For Beginners)”