Liquor Review #2 – Lucidi Distilling

Lucidi Distilling Spirits Four pack
Lucidi Distilling Spirits Four pack
Conveniently, I have a lot of high quality photos of these particular spirits…

This week is a little bit different, instead of making educated guesses about why a company chose to do what they do, this time I know why! I was there!  I’ll be giving a little bit of background on the bottles and labels that we chose at Lucidi Distilling and the reasons behind it and what I learned from the experience.

Lucidi Distilling Website

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Published by Spirit Sirens

Head Mixologist and Class Coordinator at Lucidi Distilling Co. in Old Town Peoria, Arizona. In my free time I eat good foods, drink good drinks and make mead with my brother. Soon to be on YouTube with Lucidi Distilling Co. making drinks and talking history and under Spirit Sirens, where myself and my partner Mariah talk about women in the alcohol industry and our experiences!

13 thoughts on “Liquor Review #2 – Lucidi Distilling

  1. Good job Megan! I watched the whole bottle thing from the other side of the bar, as a customer. The biggest issue I’ve seen with the new bottles is, some people have trouble removing the cork the first time. I always have tell them not to twist it out, but rock it back and forth using your thumbs.


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