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Liquor Review #2 – Lucidi Distilling

Lucidi Distilling Spirits Four pack
Conveniently, I have a lot of high quality photos of these particular spirits…

This week is a little bit different, instead of making educated guesses about why a company chose to do what they do, this time I know why! I was there!  I’ll be giving a little bit of background on the bottles and labels that we chose at Lucidi Distilling and the reasons behind it and what I learned from the experience.

Lucidi Distilling Website

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13 thoughts on “Liquor Review #2 – Lucidi Distilling

  1. Good job Megan! I watched the whole bottle thing from the other side of the bar, as a customer. The biggest issue I’ve seen with the new bottles is, some people have trouble removing the cork the first time. I always have tell them not to twist it out, but rock it back and forth using your thumbs.

    1. Yeah, one thing I know for sure is I will NEVER use real cork once I’ve got my own place… what a nightmare.

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